Get Sponsored For Anything!

Get Sponsored For Anything!

Although it can be challenging you don’t have to be a professional. To get sponsored you need passion but not as much skill, this is a common misconception.

Size Matters,Ski Sponsors

Seems like if you love skiing you should look for a big ski company to sponsor you. There are many ski companies that are all well know. Even though it seems like this is the place you start you would be better off with a smaller ski company. Big companies are less likely to send you free gear or free stickers. Big companies like to sponsor big athletes. Don’t worry there are thousands of smaller companies that would love to have your support. Small companies have time to contact with you and can likely send you some free stickers if not some free gear!

You dont have to be a pro to get sponsored.
You don’t have to be a pro to get sponsored!

Get Sponsored For Your Passion

Even if you aren’t a great athlete you can still earn sponsorship. Yet there are many companies that are looking for ambassadors to help spread their brand. Like sponsorship you can get free stickers or free gear but you don’t have to be amazing at anything. You could just like to explore, or take pictures, or maybe you just like to do a sport for fun. If you convey your worth to a company they are likely to hook you up with some freebies.


Give Value, Then Ask For Free Stickers

It is always a good idea to add value to a company in a helpful way. This means possibly sharing one of their posts with your friends, or commenting on their picture. Therefore, if you can help them out they will be more open to helping you. After you have added some value to the company (the more value the better) try to find and application for sponsorship. If you can’t find an application for sponsorship go to the company directly and tell them you have added value and you will continue to share with your friends if they will send you some free stickers. Maybe, if they agree they will also give you a coupon code  so that you can share it with you friends. As you continue to add value they will continue to hook you up.

Companies that we recommend. Therefore, all you need to do is send in an application for sponsorship. They may hook you up with some free stickers or free gear. Wood Wrist WatchesTree Knife,Wooden Sunglasses.

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