Getting free stickers from companies can be a challenge because a lot of companies are busy and don’t want to waste their time with “freebies”. That being said there are some ways you can find companies that send free stickers requiring no SASE or self addressed envelop. We are committed to helping you get free decals and free gear from companies so we have built a comprehensive guide!

Free Stickers By Mail

The problem is that free stickers by mail can be expensive. You have the cost of the stickers which is not cheap sometimes $2 a piece for quality decals. Companies like to bundle stickers in a free sticker packet this way they can save on postage. After you add the postage and the cost of the stickers you can be well over $10 for just one package of free stickers by mail. Say 9 of your friends hit up the same company and now the cost jumps to $100. Dang… That gets expensive fast.

A company can never be sure if the free packets that they are sending out are really adding value. They will never know if you tell your friends or not. They also will never know if you stick those free stickers or if you just throw them in the trash.  This can make getting freebies tough, but there are a few simple steps to getting Free Stickers from companies that are proven by us!

Free Sticker Request

Although freebies can cost a company money their are some companies that will hook you and your friends up! These companies can be few and far between but if you keep your eyes open you may just find a few. They may charge a little for shipping but it can be well worth it. To request free stickers from a company you need to find a sticker request form on their website. Companies don’t like you to contact their support team with request after request. This can get annoying fast! but a lot of companies have forms where you can request free stickers or you may find an application for sponsorship. Either way you should send in an application and make sure you let them know you will help them as much as you can!

Application for Sponsorship

Some companies only sponsor amazing riders. Other companies may still want to work with you even if you don’t have insane skill. Here is a short list of sports that you can get sponsored for.

  • Skateboard Sponsorships

  • Scooter Sponsorship

  • Ski Sponsors

  • Snowboard Sponsors

  • Surf Sponsors

This is just a small list and their is no limit to the opportunities that are available in this area. Companies will always need people to help them spread their brand. Companies supporters that help the most will be rewarded the heaviest.

Sponsorship can be as small as posting one picture on Instagram to help promote the company. They may send you free stickers,free gear, other freebies, or they may send you discounts on some of their products. After you have sent in an application for sponsorship they may send you an automated confirmation email. Once you get this email from them check where the email came by checking the ‘From’ section. This is the email that the company is using to manage their sponsorship program.

Here are some companies that offer sponsorship which could include free gear! All you need to do is find a sticker request form, send in a free sticker request, or send in an application for sponsorship.

Application for sponsorship to get free stickers from companies