If you want to get free stickers from companies there are a few simple steps!

Find a Small Company

Small companies are more likely to hook you up with free stickers than bigger companies. Big official companies don’t care as much about there soldiers on the ground repping their gear. They focus on the big athletes and don’t worry so much about the little guys. Small companies are hungry they want all the help they can get and they see the value in every person. That is why it is better so seek out smaller companies than bigger ones.

Understand How They Work

First of all you should understand how the company works and how they make money. Do they advertise on Instagram or Facebook? Most companies spend most of their time on one network more than another. If you interact with them on this network then they are more likely to see you. Look for signs that they are active. Here are a few signs.

  • Have they posted within the last 2 days?
  • Have they answered other peoples questions in the comments?
  • Like some of their pictures and drop a comment. Did they comment back or Like back? If not maybe try again or another company.

If they are active and you catch their attention move to the next step.

Add Value

If the company is small and active you have a good chance of catching their eye. Once they see you like a post or comment they will recognize you again. Share one of their images and tag them so it will pop up in their feed. Say something like this to your followers ” Hey guys I just found this cool company check them out! @thecompany This way they will see your post and so will your friends. This really makes companies happy and it may get you closer to the inside. Make sure to do this a few times to make sure they see it.

Make a Deal For Free Stickers

Once the company sees you can add value they are more willing to talk to you. Go to their website and find their email. Do not DM them or send them a message on social media. Companies hate this because they have to check it then they have to move the conversation to email to move forward. Make it as simple as possible for them. Say something like this in your email, ” I am (Your Name) I have shared your posts  a couple times on social media and I really love you company. Would you be willing to send me some free stickers or a coupon code so I can share your company my friends even more? I would love to do a little promotion in exchange for some stickers or a coupon. Here is my address (your address). Thanks so much for considering!


These are proven step but If you don’t get anything try the same method on another company perhaps a smaller one. When you do get some free stickers or some free gear make sure to shout out the company as best you can and make sure they see it. The more you shout them out the more likely you are to get even more gear or free stickers.

Here is what to say the next time you contact. Hey Guys! Thanks for the free stickers/free gear I gave them out and my friends loved them. We posted them all over school and on our gear! Now my other friends are asking for stickers as well. Can you hook me up with more stickers and a free T shirt. I will make sure it is well worth your time by sharing the stickers and telling everyone about how cool your company is.

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