How to Get Sponsored Fast!

How to Get Sponsored

Every year corporate supporters really do pay billions of dollars to support sports, parties, groups and even individuals seeking after their interests. There are truly billions of dollars in corporate sponsorship accessible yet an extensive part of it goes unclaimed and unspent.

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The issue is that vast majority  of the public erroneously believes that they have to be Tiger Wood or LeBron James to be on the corporate radar. And even if thought they could get sponsored they have no idea how to go out it.  We will tell you what you need to do to get sponsored. After reading this page you will know exactly how to get sponsored.

To make the learning how to get sponsored even harder, those that are sponsored think that there is only a little sponsorship money going around.  And if they share information with their buddy or someone trying to make contact with them online then creates competition for themselves.  It might sound silly but there is some serious rivalry out there, even on athlete that are on the same sponsorship team.  Let me assure you, if you love what you do, there is sponsorship money out there.  But you really have to be passionate about your craft whether it be mountain biking or XBOX.  Passion breeds excellence and that is what corporate sponsor like to see.  If you are looking for how to get sponsored, read below. We have a few tips.

You Can Get Sponsored For Just About Anything

Do you think that your sport or event is too weird to get sponsored?  Well you are wrong.  If you are into something weird and don't think there is a market then just remember that there is big money in crab racing and hot dog eating. Surely whatever you doing with your time is a least worth a corporate discount on merchandise.

Getting sponsored is sometimes easier than people think.  The benefits of seeking out a sponsorship outweigh the risks and time involved in finding a corporate backer.  Corporations many times will offer discounts on their products to those seeking sponsorships. This alone is worth filling out a form asking if any corporate backers are looking for more exposure for their brand.

Corporate Sponsorships

I've seen budgets for big corporations that have millions set aside for advertising, public relations, sponsorships, and charitable giving.  Many companies have to spend big just to keep recognition of their product/service/image high. Sponshorships are simply a way corporations work.  To sponsor an athlete or event is a form of advertising and is part of doing business for most corporations.

When I say to think of a soft drink company do you automatically think of Coke or Pepsi?  Most people do.  How about an energy drink?  Chances are you think of an energy drink whose logo last plaster every where an a recent event

Did you know that most big time pro athletes make more in sponsorship deals than they do actually competing in their field? It's reported that Michael Jordan still makes up to $100 million a year in endorsements deals.  Now there aren't too many Michael Jordan or LeBron James in the world.  There will always be endorsement deals for the top of class.  But have you heard of Kerron Clement, or Zsuzsanna Fancia?  Chances are that you haven't.  Well they are sponsored athletes that pyramided their sponsorships into training so they could make it to the Olympics. 

But you don't even have to be an Olympic athlete do get sponsored.  You don't even necessarily have to endorse a product to get a small payday. Sure Fire Sponsoring works with companies big and small.  These companies offer product discounts, stipends, endorsement deals, etc.  The more exposure an athlete has, the better the chances are to land something substantial. But​ just because you aren't a household name (yet) doesn't mean you shouldn't reach out for a sponsorship.

Your Biggest Obstacle to Getting Sponsored is Doing Nothing

Obviously you have a passion for something.  When I was in school (forever ago) my teacher would chastise us that the only thing we would be good at in the future was to be a professional video gamer. She meant it as a joke because nothing like that existed at the time.  Now there is good money in being a professional gamer. There are endorsement deals a mile long for professional gamers.  And if getting sponsored for gaming isn't your thing chances are there is a market for your passion, whether that be bowling or badminton. 

Sign up for information on how you can get sponsored.  We may have someone lined up for you immediately.  Or feel free to drop us a line and let us know what questions you have.

Getting Sponsored in 4 Easy Step


The world loves winners.  If you love snowboarding then make sure you get plenty of time on the hill.  If biking is your thing then be the best biker you can be.  You don't have to be the world's greatest to get sponsored.  But you should be the best that you can be.

Get Exposure

Years ago getting exposure meant that you needed to get in front of a camera, a news camera.  Thankfully those days are long gone.  A cell phone and an Instagram account are all you need nowadays to have millions see what you have done. You don't have to be a Kardashian to get noticed either. But you should update your social media accounts regularly.

Connect With Others in Your Field

Have you ever heard that most professional comedians know each other?  There are many that say they aren't supportive of each other.  But everything I have heard says that they root for each other and really try and help each other.  Professional comedy is no joke, so they band together to help each other.  And many professional gamers and athletes are the same.  They appreciate those trying to make it because they have similar feelings. They know what it takes and where the sponsorships are.  Why not reach out and gain a friend in the process?

Reach Out

This is where I see many go wrong. Many think that just because they aren't on ESPN or Twitch that no company cares about them.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  At the very least, many corporations will give you a discount on their products to inspire athletes and gamers to keep getting better.  This also helps corporations to build their brand and expand their image.

We Have Sponsors Lined Up

Want to learn how to get sponsored for mountain biking? Mountain bikers are some of the most visible athletes out there.  Corporate sponsors love mountain bikers.


Want to learn how to get sponsored for skiing? There a lots of professional skiers in the world.  They get to ski for their job! Yes there is money for competitions and events but sponsors line up to sponsor skiers


Want to learn how to get sponsored for skateboarding?  Not only do board and equipment companies sponsor skateboarders but soft drinks, candy makers, and insurance like to sponsor boarders.  There's certain sponsorships available to skateboarders.


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