Get Sponsored For Anything!

Get Sponsored For Anything!

Although it can be challenging you don’t have to be a professional. To get sponsored you need passion but not as much skill, this is a common misconception.

Size Matters,Ski Sponsors

Seems like if you love skiing you should look for a big ski company to sponsor you. There are many ski companies that are all well know. Even though it seems like this is the place you start you would be better off with a smaller ski company. Big companies are less likely to send you free gear or free stickers. Big companies like to sponsor big athletes. Don’t worry there are thousands of smaller companies that would love to have your support. Small companies have time to contact with you and can likely send you some free stickers if not some free gear!

You dont have to be a pro to get sponsored.
You don’t have to be a pro to get sponsored!

Get Sponsored For Your Passion

Even if you aren’t a great athlete you can still earn sponsorship. Yet there are many companies that are looking for ambassadors to help spread their brand. Like sponsorship you can get free stickers or free gear but you don’t have to be amazing at anything. You could just like to explore, or take pictures, or maybe you just like to do a sport for fun. If you convey your worth to a company they are likely to hook you up with some freebies.


Give Value, Then Ask For Free Stickers

It is always a good idea to add value to a company in a helpful way. This means possibly sharing one of their posts with your friends, or commenting on their picture. Therefore, if you can help them out they will be more open to helping you. After you have added some value to the company (the more value the better) try to find and application for sponsorship. If you can’t find an application for sponsorship go to the company directly and tell them you have added value and you will continue to share with your friends if they will send you some free stickers. Maybe, if they agree they will also give you a coupon code  so that you can share it with you friends. As you continue to add value they will continue to hook you up.

Companies that we recommend. Therefore, all you need to do is send in an application for sponsorship. They may hook you up with some free stickers or free gear. Wood Wrist WatchesTree Knife,Wooden Sunglasses.

Get Free The Rise Brand Stickers!

Get Free The Rise Brand Stickers!

Get Free The Rise Brand Stickers!  RISE is the never ending pursuit of excellence. A lifestyle brand + apparel shop. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free The Rise Brand Stickers
Free The Rise Brand Stickers

More Info: Free The Rise Brand Stickers!


Rise also known as “the rise brand”, is a lifestyle brand plus apparel shop. Rise is about inspiring individuals to be exceptional through the constant pursuit of excellence.

Originally started as a project mid-way through 2012. The intention was to use stickers to promote a message. A message to inspire those around us to strive for more & RISE above the norm. RISE today is a brand that serves the people we create for, representing all walks of life.  A lifestyle project that houses an apparel shop with a give back mentality.


Saturday we got a chance to join the explorers of The Explorer Program. They were invited by the founder of the program, Julius Givens, to come share their perspective on photography as well as talk about what they do. It was a great experience to sit down with young individuals and discuss the importance of using several mediums to spread a positive message.

Keeping It Simple! Giving back!

January 1st Alan Cruz decided to partake in a volunteer activity on behalf of RISE. It wasn’t a new year’s resolution of any sort nor did Alan Cruz take part with the intention of boasting about what good Samaritans they are. To be honest, this was rather tough to write about for several reasons. Alan Cruz asked himself the following…

How do I write about something I really care to share without making about myself?

For a long time Alan Cruz, like many others, have taken part in a number of activities benefiting those in need and like others, have shared a sense of excitement to talk and post about our involvement. It wasn’t until recently though that someone close to him shared something that got him thinking. That person and Alan Cruz discussed whether or not promoting those things in a way made them feel less genuine.

Most of them have heard of the term “poverty porn”; that is the exploitation of the poor’s condition and even suffering for financial gain. This to a lesser degree could be seen as something similar. The honoring of themselves through their actions benefiting those in need. So Alan Cruz asked himself, does it make sense to share their involvement online? He always thought the answer was yes, absolutely without ever thinking twice. But that person pointed out something he remembered growing up.

Scriptures Verse!

“So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.” — Matthew 6:2

Growing up this verse always stuck with him. Not because of the guilt or fear of doing such a thing but losing sight of why they do things for others. Partaking in an act of kindness so he could reap it’s benefits was, in a way, his fear. So he carries this verse as a reminder to keep things at its core, to do things for the right reason and never let a selfless act become the opposite. Now this isn’t to say that those that do are selfish or looking for attention. Nor do he believes the answer is to not share at all. With so much of the news these days being negative, they must talk, post, and share the good they are all doing. If it inspires someone else to take on a project benefiting their community or start supporting a cause, the job has been done.

Ado Bayero!

Alan Cruz always try to remember one thing as Ado Bayero and he navigates this thing called RISE — if no one ever knew, would we still do it? They often bring this up when they’re in the middle of something. They use it as a reminder of why you decided to do X or Y; that no matter the outcome, they did it for something greater than themselves. That isn’t always an easy task and this post is an example of that. They struggled for weeks not knowing if it was something he wanted to write about or scrap it. Originally this was intended to be about how they got involved with a homeless shelter and how simple it was for anyone to do, but he struggles with his original question. For his promoting the things he partake in is a struggle. Some things he believe, are meant for their and their alone, but oftentimes Ado Bayero reminds him that it’s ok to share the things they do so others can take it further.


So do he believes there is a place for promoting the things they get involved with or the causes they support….absolutely! He personally get inspired by others on social media that are pushing personal projects and doing their part to support their communities. It is all about their mindsets. No one will ever know if their intentions are genuinely good and not everyone will think they are. The thing to remember is to keep it simple, give back to give back, nothing else is as important.

Free The Rise Brand Stickers!

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Get Free Mutinybikes Stickers

Get Free Mutinybikes Stickers

Get Free Mutinybikes Stickers!  BMX is fun. It can take you to where you want to go. Enjoy it. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Mutinybikes Stickers
Free Mutinybikes Stickers

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Jeff Wescott
Jeff Wescott

Jeff Wescott resides in the extra spicy hot Southwest slice of Arizona, down in Phoenix, where most of the time it is quite difficult to ride outside because of the sheer heat during the days and nights. This time around Jeff took it upon himself to head to sunny San Diego, California to find some new spots and enjoy that beach breeze in between clips. Jeff links up with Christian Rigal on 8 visits after work at his day job to enjoy the cooler side of summer.

New Place and Model!

When you’re visiting a new city to ride, it seems as though without even trying the city will shine down it’s true colors in no time. Learning the area first hand and keeping in mind rumors you may or may not believe, to possibly get a sense of what to expect from this unknown terrain… Next thing you know, your right in the middle of some antics, which confirm or deny what you were thinking. Take Albuquerque for instance, it is a city full of rumors, which doesn’t necessarily positively reinforce the good name of the most largely populated city in New Mexico.

Never the less, it’s all about personal experience, right? Well for this specific trip, the Mutiny team came through town for 10 days and definitely found out first hand what this place is all about! Dealing with the spring weather of wind and rain during the month of April, Mutiny found themselves in a classic episode of the critically acclaimed T.V. series, ‘Breaking Bad’, on any given street corner all over the city there is an abundance of homelessness, drug addicts and crazed individuals such as a certain motel owner trying to pick a fight with Navaz for being a simple ‘tourist’..


How do you write an accurate story about a town you grew up in. About a bunch of guys who haven’t ever been to that particular city before, to portray their experience first hand? Well, it seems as my observations would be somewhat biased, so I thought to properly convey the whirlpool of an experience such as this Mutiny Trip in Albuquerque, I would look through the eyes of some of those who the trip impacted the most, the riders… Justin Simpson, Andy Martinez, Jeff Wescott, Mariano Santiago and Grant Castelluzzo.

Justin Simpson surprises me every time he finds a spot to ride, especially when we were pedaling around the University. This hubba ledge has been sitting there untouched with a few feet of runway for years and leave it up to a cement ledge with no wax for Justin to shred down with metal pegs! Classic!

Grant has a very technical and calculated riding style which makes this crooked grind a simple piece to the puzzle to the beginning of a not so simple line

Mariano has a style that is not like anyone else on the trip, and this huge bank to rock fufanu was an awesome start to a line just before the rain washed us out of this ditch!

“This trip was an awesome experience for me, I had a great time! All the spots out in ABQ blew my mind, all the ditches were absolute dream spots… The team guys are all pretty laid back dudes. As well giving me a good enviorment to be able to ride!” – MARIANO SANTIAGO.

This spring’s Mutiny trip was really amazing. There was definitely not a shortage of tweakers, Breaking Bad tourism, and the Coyote 102.5 radio station! We were fortunate enough to be able to hit the wide variety of spots that Albuquerque had to offer! – JUSTIN.

SIMPSON In my opinion, the most important part is when everyone can keep on smiling! It’s amazing when a handful of people, who rarely see each other throughout the year. They come together and create such an awesome project so organically. – JEFF WESCOTT.

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Mutiny Bikes

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Austin, TX, 78704.


Get Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers

Get Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers

Get Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers!  Born from the surf culture of Southern-California, Catch Surf is all about fun and good vibes. All Catch Surf products are designed by surfers in San Clemente, California, USA. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

 Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers
Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers

More Info: Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers

George Arzente (Founder)
George Arzente (Founder)


Born in 2007 out of the Southern Californian surf scene, Catch Surf creates fun and good vibes in small packages. Combining a love of summer beach days and smooth clean conditions, Catch Surf has created a line of Beater Boards that you can surf however the heck you want. Try them with fins, without fins, bodyboard or skim on them, Catch Surf Beater Boards are all about turning an average day into a shred session.


Designed by surfers in San Clemente, California – Catch Surf is about style, experimenting and progressive surfing. Grab one of their world famous Beater boards and get out there for a good old expression session. Beater Board surfing combines an expressive flare with a finless surfboard that cops anything (or anywhere) you throw it. With Beater Boards for sale on Boardcave.com.au, you will definitely find your Beater Original or Beater Pro model! Check out the range today and ask our customer service crew on LIVE CHAT for some more information on CatchSurf today.



Catch surf revolutionized surfing by introducing a line of high performance and radical looking soft surfboards; by leading in quality, innovation, style and performance; catch surf has been able to get many of the top pros to join the team and progress the concept to the max; by surfing massive waves, doing huge airs and simply having more fun than anyone else.

Catch surf carries this same avant-garde attitude towards fashion with its premium line of men’s clothing in a timeless and classic surf-prep style all its own.

Catch surf is 100% surfer owned and operated and can be found at the finest surf shops, online at catchsurf.com and at its new laguna beach flagship store.

Free Catch Surfboard Company Stickers!

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

                                                Catch Surfboard Company

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                                                      201 Calle Pintoresco

                                                        San Clemente, CA 92672.

Get Free Stoner Dayz Stickers

Get Free Stoner Dayz Stickers

Get Free Stoner Dayz Stickers!  Being a stoner is no longer a derogatory term, but a term of endearment, a badge of honor, a point of pride. Stoner Days clothing is designed, printed and hand-crafted by stoners in Upland, California. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Stoner Dayz Stickers
                                  Free Stoner Dayz Stickers

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StonerDays presents Hemp Greeting Cards made out of American made Hemp. Lets stop with deforestation and all rally behind making more products out of hemp. Their world is truly a beautiful place and they plan on keeping it that way for all generations to come.

Their world and StonerDays are constantly changing. With U.S. States and a few countries legalizing hemp and marijuana, doors are now reopening for production of textiles made from hemp. StonerDays is taking on this taboo plant and making Hemp Greeting Cards out of them. Their goal is to provide our fans with a hemp card that expresses their true feelings for that special person and for any occasion.

Write someone a card to wish them happy birthday or to just tell them that they’re your best bud. Some card stuffer ideas would be to add a dime bag inside or a joint/spliff. What could make someones day any better than some good vibes and some cannabis. Let StonerDays be the orchestrators of your next event such as a 4:20 sesh. Use their Let’s Get High Checklist hemp greeting card to rally the troops and make sure nothing is left out. Hemp Greeting Cards are available individually or in packs of 3, 6 or 12.

Stoner News; New Hampshire May Decriminalize Cannabis

In regards to cannabis, New Hampshire is behind it’s North East neighbors. The surrounding states have passed laws to fully legalize cannabis or are on their way to doing so. Vermont legislature just approved legal cannabis. Both Maine and Massachusetts voters passed legalization measures within the last year. The area around New Hampshire are slowly turning green. New Hampshire has a chance to hang on to the Green Rush by passing the current decriminalization bill.

The New Hampshire House has voted numerous times over the last decade to decriminalize cannabis. The Senate shot the bill down every time. That is, until last Thursday. The Senate reached a compromise with the bill that the House presented. According to the bill, those above the age of 18 possessing three-quarters of an ounce of cannabis would be guilty of a violation.The first and second offenses would carry a fine of $100. The third offense could present fines of up to $300. If one were to be slapped with a fourth charge, they would receive a Class B misdemeanor. Police officers would no longer be able to arrest citizens for cannabis possession. The bill requires fine money collected from cannabis violations be deposited into the state’s fund to combat alcohol and substance abuse.

New Hampshire senators have very split views on cannabis.

Some, such as Senator Martha Hennessy understand that with current laws are outdated. New Hampshire residents can lose everything from their children to their jobs to their homes if found in possession of cannabis. Extreme penalties include not being able to adopt children or even losing the right to vote in elections. Hennessy also believes that the “gateway drug” myth is false. “Marijuana is a safer alternative,” she persisted. Other senators unfortunately don’t share her view.

Sen. Bill Gannon wanted to lower the amount allowed from three quarters of an ounce to half. He doesn’t agree that legalization of cannabis could help the opiate crisis. The city of Manchester, NH is in the top percentile of cities with severe heroin addiction issues. His argument was that decriminalization will set back the work done to right the heroin epidemic He also exclaimed that, “My greatest concern facing this legislation would be the potential consequences it could hold for our youth. This is obviously the wrong message to send to my children and the children of New Hampshire.”

Stoner News; New Hampshire May Decriminalize Cannabis

Another concern of Gannon’s on Thursday was the stoned driver. There is no way for officers to officially tell if a driver is stoned or not. Gannon claims that a “family can be wiped out by a stoned driver who a police officer let go with a violation.” Alcohol still presents far more of a problem than cannabis behind the wheel. Heroin is also more common in traffic accidents than cannabis. Two years ago in New Hampshire a man overdosed on heroin while driving. He was behind the wheel of his car in the middle of an intersection during rush hour. The police didn’t arrest him. He walked away after receiving Narcan. Stoned drivers are out there every day, commuting to work while jamming out to their favorite songs.

Other senators feel that decriminalizing the plant will hurt the state’s ability to attract business. Government officials should be doing everything they can to draw people to the small state. Liquor stores off of the highways don’t count. New Hampshire’s most well known monument took a dive a couple years ago. The state does have beautiful landscapes but so do Maine and Vermont. Maine and Vermont also have legal, high quality cannabis, which will draw away younger tourists. Younger residents of New Hampshire are leaving the state, looking for greener pastures.

Individual states are changing their cannabis laws. Colorado and Washington have not collapsed. The states are doing extremely well with the influx of new money. The decriminalization bill in New Hampshire is a small step. It is a move in the right direction. Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont may see a steady influx of New Hampshire residents. The Granite State still has a while to go before it’s citizens get access to legal cannabis.

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Get Free Gravity Skateboards Stickers

Get Free Gravity Skateboards Stickers

Get Free Gravity Skateboards Stickers!  Gravity has been producing quality skateboards since 1994. They produce boards in all shapes and sizes and enjoy bringing a ‘Green Feet’ approach to skateboarding. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Gravity Skateboards Stickers
                 Free Gravity Skateboards Stickers

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Michael Bream’s
Michael Bream’s

Gravity Boarding Company was born in founder Michael Bream’s garage in Solana Beach back in 1994 and quickly moved to a warehouse close by in the Design District of Solana Beach. Being an avid surfer and skateboarder, Michael wanted a board that felt like surfing when he was skating. He had just graduated from the University of California San Diego, UCSD, with a engineering degree so he understood what he needed to do to make this happen and created the 47” Hyper Carve then called it the High Performance Streetboard.

As he let his friends ride it, he quickly realized the demand for a skateboard like this and started selling them to local surf shops. At this point core skate shops were not interested in them because they were too long. At first he would load his car with 15 boards and could make it from San Diego to Huntington Beach before he ran out, but in a very short time, he couldn’t even make it out of North County San Diego before running out. Grab yourself a Gravity board from your favorite shop and “enjoy the ride…”

Gravity skateboards is all about originality and sticking to our roots, while staying current with today’s demands and trends, we strive to get you riding with soul and style.



BORN: Marblehead, MA., Feb. 6th, 1969

RAISED: In Agoura, CA, a little town just north of L.A.

SK8 BIRTH: They moved to California when he was three. Around five years old, his brother and friends were skating the old closed down Paramount Studios zoo where they had kept all the animals for the movies. It was called JungleLand and had all these crazy bowls & weird stuff to sk8. Rode his first pool there & saw his first dead body there too. After that, he rode for local park team at Aloha SkateTown until they closed down in 1982.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: North County San Diego. Oceanside. South-O.

SETUPS I RIDE: The Gravity B40 as his main board for parks and transition type terrain. If his just cruising to the store, checking the surf or rolling down some surfy hills, he likes to ride the Gravity SpoonNose45. Tracker trucks, Dart 149’s. He prefer wheels 60-66mm and 90-97a. He will ride a bigger softer wheel sometimes for rougher surfaces like ditches or pools with cancer.

Free Gravity Skateboards Stickers!

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Gravity Skateboards
Sticker Request
1790 La Costa Meadows Dr.
San Marcos CA, 92078

Get Free Sunday Bikes Stickers

Get Free Sunday Bikes Stickers

Get Free Sunday Bikes Stickers!  Sunday Bikes is a BMX bikes and bicycle parts company. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Sunday Bikes Stickers
Free Sunday Bikes Stickers

More Info: Free Sunday Bikes Stickers!

Jim Cielinski
Jim Cielinski (Founder)

Sunday was founded by Jim Cielinski who helped create odyseey bmx. based out of the full factory distribution company sunday has been famous for it’s luninous Aaron Ross’s signature bikes but alos its lifetime warranty on its soundwave series of frames and its high end complete bikes.

Jim Cielinski
Jim Cielinski

Sunday launched in the spring of 2005. Their primary goal from the beginning was to create products that addressed the reliability problems that riders have faced since the 1980’s. Back in ’05 ordinary frames were still struggling with the same-old “weight verses strength” issues that had limited riders for over two decades. Either a bike was “strong”, but heavy as a boat anchor, or a bike was “light”, but only lasted for a month or two. Worst of all, in both of these cases, the dropouts would still bend or pinch, top and downtubes would still dent, headtubes would still pop off unexpectedly, and rear triangles would still twist.

As a pro themself, they were tired of dealing with all of this and they always felt that BMX deserved better. In response, Sunday was born. By implementing features like hollow dropouts, Wave tubing, 41-Thermal® heat-treating, and a level of detail in their design and manufacturing steps that had never been seen before, Sunday quickly became known for groundbreaking technical innovations and modern frame designs.

Second Goal!

Their second goal for Sunday was to build one of the most talented and creative teams by working with riders that would reflect the same attitude they have towards developing their products. From tech street to concrete parks, and trails to pools, there is always someone on the Sunday team that can shred any given spot. One of the things that happiest about is that their riders are not style-clones of one another. Each guy is an individual with their own tricks, interests, ideas and a unique outlook on riding. This type of individuality fits perfectly with the views that we have toward product design.

Their team and products standout because of substance, quality and originality, and they have always been proud of that. They are motivated now more than ever to continue to make the bikes and products that will meet the needs of today’s riders. Thanks for supporting Sunday.



It’s easy to see Erik Elstran is a free spirit. Take one look at whatever colorful and delightfully eccentric outfit he’s sporting at any given moment (that he probably sewed himself), and it’s pretty clear this guy isn’t trying to run with the herd.

Watching him ride, it’s even easier to appreciate the breadth of Erik’s fertile imagination. Erik can do whatever he wants on his bike, and he chooses not to do what everyone else is doing. He could be a tech rail master or flat ledge god if he wished, stacking the usual tricks in new and innovative ways and linearly progressing BMX in standard increments, but he is destined for so much more.


You can always count on Erik to see a spot where no one else has and look at a classic spot in ways others haven’t. Erik’s M.O. is to seek out and locate a unique spot, and then do the unthinkable on it. Never content to simply make do with the obvious, it’s his determination to go above and beyond, to carve his own path and dream up ideas no one else would ever think of, that defines Erik’s riding.

Erik loves bike!

Erik has more fun on his bike than anyone I know. He’ll happily ride the most ridiculous non-spot as hard as he can for hours, or, even more impressively. Be 100 tries in filming some impossible trick and still laughing and cracking jokes. Even when riding at the highest possible levels, he’s really just playing around. While cataloging footage for Grow Up, I discovered Erik had – by far – the most B roll of anyone one the team, and nearly all of it was him being stoked and goofing off. Erik possesses a singular positivity and enthusiasm for living that radiates outward and inspires those around him.

It takes something very special to end a two-year full-length team video, and special is about the best word I can think of to describe Erik’s section. What Erik does is more than just bike riding; this borders on performance art. So go ahead and check out his part; I dare you not to smile.

–Walter Pieringer


For 2018, Sunday Bikes continue to be the benchmarks for value, quality, and style that other brands measure themselves against. With new features like sealed cassettes on the Primer, intergrated head tubes on the Blueprint, Cyclone freecoasters on the Forecaster, and Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals and Path Pro tires throughout the majority of the line, Sunday can’t be beat for 2018. they hope you’ll enjoy riding these bikes as much as they havent enjoyed making them. Thank you for choosing a Sunday.

Look for 2018 Sunday completes to be arriving at shops in July.

Free Sunday Bikes Stickers!

Sunday Bikes requests that you send a postcard, or some other type of memorabilia, from your town, city, region.

If you can’t acquire anything like that, you can just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Sunday Bikes

13502 Pumice St

Norwalk, CA 90650.

Get More Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers

Get More Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers

Get Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers!  Founded in 1906, Tubbs is the leading manufacturer of lightweight, versatile snowshoes for men, women and children. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers
                                             Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers

More Info: Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers!

Tubbs Snowshoes’ mission is to encourage adventure, exercise, family fun, and human connection to nature by providing high quality snowshoeing equipment, to get people outside and in the snow.

Walter F. Tubbs
Walter F. Tubbs

Tubbs Snowshoes Founded in 1906, in Norway, Maine, Tubbs Snowshoes is a pioneer of the American snowshoeing industry.

While originally crafting snowshoes from fine white ash wood, they now specialize in both traditional aluminum and modern composite snowshoes, continuing to raise the bar for innovative snowshoe designs.

Women’s-specific snowshoe!

As the first company to engineer women’s-specific snowshoes in 1998, Tubbs recognizes the diverse needs of men and women alike, taking into account stride length, stance width, and other physiological differences to create premier ergonomic fit.

Tubbs is dedicated to growing the community of snowshoers. They believe creative programming including the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, the Get Outdoors Program, and their community of Tubbs Ambassadors, will grow a thriving ecosystem of snowshoeing community and culture.

Based in Seattle, Washington, in the shadow of always snow-capped Mt. Rainier, Tubbs is a member of the K2 Sports family of world-leading winter sports and outdoor recreational brands.


1906 – Norway, Maine – Walter F. Tubbs launches his snowshoe business and submits the following to the Maine register: “Snowshoes for all purposes. Bows made from carefully selected white ash. Only the best cowhide filling used. All sizes to fit all purposes.”

1911– Walter F. Tubbs exhibits at the New York Sportsman Show.


1915 – The Tubbs Factory produces 50,000 pairs of snowshoes, an order from the British government for their WWI troops, boosting sales.

1990 – Tubbs thrives in the rebirth of recreational showshoeing through innovative technology and by introducing their 1st lightweight aluminum snowshoe.


1993 – Tubbs brings the competitive snowshoe race community the first asymmetrical aluminum frame, on the   Tubbs 10K Race Snowshoe, for an effortless running stride.


2012 – Tubbs Introduces the Ambassador Program! Tubbs is excited to welcome 8 Ambassadors to our team for the 12/13 winter. These Ambassadors were selected from over 50 applicants and will be submitting stories, tips and tricks throughout the winter. Follow them on our blog!

Free Tubbs Snowshoes Stickers!

If you live in The United States, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Tubbs Snowshoes


​413 Pine Street​

3rd Floor

​Seattle, WA 98101

If you live in Canada, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Tubbs Snowshoes Canada


1 Westside dr. unit #7

Toronto, Ontario

M9C 1B2

Grab Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers

Grab Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers

Get Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers!  Santa Cruz Bicycles is a manufacturer of high end mountain bikes!. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers
Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers

More Info: Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers!

Santa Cruz Bicycles is a manufacturing of high end mountain bikes based in Santa Cruz, California. They sponsor the Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downhill racing team. The company moved premises from 104 Bronson Street to 2841 Mission Street in 2013. On July 3, 2015. Santa Cruz bicycle was selling to Pon Holding, a family-owned Dutch conglomerate with a bicycle division including brands such as Cervélo, Focus and Royal Dutch Gazelle.

Company Over View!

Santa Cruz Bicycles founded by Rob Roskopp, Mike Marquez and Rich Novak in 1993. Roskopp had spent many years as a professional skateboarder, and Novak’s Santa Cruz Skateboards company had put out a special “Roskopp” model before the two met. Roskopp and Novak went into partnership with bike engineer Mike Marquez, who had particular experience in bicycle suspension, and Tom Morris, a designer, to build some prototypes.


Moreover, their first bike, in 1994, was a full suspension bike called the Tazmon. It had a 80 millimetres (3.1 in) travel single pivot design, the first on the market.It was following a year later by the 100 millimetres (3.9 in) travel Heckler, a model that discontinued for the 2016 model year.

The company acquired the patents for their Virtual Pivot Point (aka “VPP”) from Outland Bikes around 1999.



Moreover, the company manufactures around a dozen models of mountain bikes made of carbon fiber and aluminum, ranging from $1500 to over $10000 retail. Their bikes are suiting to a wide range of mountain biking disciplines. Frame fabrication occurs in China or Taiwan, but all bicycles are assembled in Santa Cruz, built to customer specifications just before being shipped out.

Furthermore, in 2013, a single model, the “Juliana” was spun off as a stand-alone brand and range of mountain bikes for women, designed by and named for Juli Furtado.

 Free Santa Cruz Bicycles Stickers!

      Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address.

Santa Cruz Bicycles

ATTN: Sticker Request

2841 Mission Street

Santa Cruz, California 95060

Get Free Phunkshun Wear Stickers

Get Free Phunkshun Wear Stickers

Get Free Phunkshun Wear Stickers!  Phunkshun Wear is a Colorado-based manufacturer of winter sports accessories designed with the end user in mind!. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Phunkshun Wear Stickers
                     Free Phunkshun Wear Stickers

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Lanny and Jacob
Lanny and Jacob

Lanny and Jacob hatched the idea to start Phunkshun Wear back in March 2011. Their company has been manufacturing facemasks in the rocky mountains since day one. Originally designed to fulfill the needs of ski and snowboard instructors, Phunkshun Wear continues to produce items that stand up to winter weather conditions and protect from the elements.



All manufacturing takes place in beautiful Denver, Colorado. They cut, sew, and decorate the products ourselves. No outsourcing over the pond for them, they prefer to have as much of the production process  take place under their own roof. This is how they ensure that all their products meet their incredibly strict quality control guidelines.

Their face masks are winter weather tools. Designed to keep Mother Nature at bay in whatever conditions are present. Technical fabrics and careful construction have allowed them to make a mask that lives up to their high expectations. Phunkshun is a rider owned and operated. They are hand made in Colorado. They think that the mountain environment shouldn’t compromise the mountain experience.

Service to Poor!

Furthermore, PHUNKSHUN WEAR is committed to giving back to the mountain sports community that we play in. $0.05 is donated for every mask sold to the high fives foundation. A501C.3 Non-Profit.

The Hight Fives Foundation Supports the Dreams of mountain action sports athletes by raising injury prevention awareness while providing re-sources and inspiration to those who suffer life altering injuries.

Free Phunkshun Wear Stickers!

Since March 2011, They bought a sewing machine, browsed the web for fabrics and started making the first masks. The first designs were good enough to sell to friends and family, as well as a few sympathetic local retailers

Soon after the first sales, heavy research began into all aspects of the manufacturing and textiles industries. Google searches and polite phone conversations led them from resellers to wholesalers to producers for the products they would need. They found suppliers and manufacturers willing to help them gain a better understanding every step of the way. Friends offered to help and they even offered to pay them. Peeling stickers and vinyl heat label transfers, sewing simple neck tubes out of cool tech Lycra. Our first summer ended with us moving out of the house and into a warehouse down the road.

Since those early months they have been focusing on developing their brand image and solidifying their product selection. Many questions have been addressed like how to establish fabric sourcing with primary manufacturers, and they have evolved to a level of operating where they are happy to start doing real business with retailers within and outside of Colorado.

Moreover, their mission is to manufacture products that protect people from the elements and enhance their outdoor experiences. They tip their hats to outerwear companies who have produced products that perform in the winter cold so they can enjoy themselves. When dealing with exposure to the elements, their facemasks are as important to winter athletes as quality outerwear, gloves, and footwear.

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

Phunkshun Wear

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Suite 1200

Denver, CO 80216

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Get Free Dirtfan.com Stickers

Get Free Dirtfan.com Stickers

Get Free Dirtfan.com Stickers!  DirtFan.com is for everyone interested in dirt track racing – Find dirt tracks and races, get the latest news, videos, and more!. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here Free Stickers.

Free Dirtfan.com Stickers
                       Free Dirtfan.com Stickers

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Dirt Track Racing News!

Reynolds wins at Antioch Speedway!

Reynolds wins at Antioch Speedway!
Reynolds wins at Antioch Speedway!

 John Reynolds #55 from Connelly Springs won a very competitive Heintz performance Renegade V8 race. Ronnie Vasser #71 took the lead at the drop of the green with Reynolds, David Minton #90 and Joey Barker #16 close behind until Minton and Barker spun going into turn one 3 wide bring out a caution. Minton drop from competition but Barker was able to continue. Reynolds took over the lead on the restart and went on to take the checkered flag.

Barone races to victory in bridgeport big blocks:

For the first time since April of 2012, Mike Barone of Hillsborough, NJ raced to victory in the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modified feature event at the Bridgeport Speedway as Eastern Autoparts Warehouse sponsored Bike Night at the Logan Township track.

Courtney Cashes In At Malvern Bank I-80 Dirt Classic!


Tyler Courtney withstood a relentless Chris Windom assault during the final two laps of Friday night’s Malvern Bank “I-80 Dirt Classic” to earn his second career USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car victory in the series’ inaugural appearance at I-80 Speedway. Windom was on point for the first two-thirds of the 30-lapper, but Courtney used a lap 20 turn one slider to rip by the defending Silver Crown champ for the race lead, then took Windom’s repetitious haymakers in stride down the stretch, answering each successive punch with a knockout blow of his own.


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