Get Sponsored For Anything!

Get Sponsored For Anything!

Although it can be challenging you don’t have to be a professional. To get sponsored you need passion but not as much skill, this is a common misconception.

Size Matters,Ski Sponsors

Seems like if you love skiing you should look for a big ski company to sponsor you. There are many ski companies that are all well know. Even though it seems like this is the place you start you would be better off with a smaller ski company. Big companies are less likely to send you free gear or free stickers. Big companies like to sponsor big athletes. Don’t worry there are thousands of smaller companies that would love to have your support. Small companies have time to contact with you and can likely send you some free stickers if not some free gear!

You dont have to be a pro to get sponsored.
You don’t have to be a pro to get sponsored!

Get Sponsored For Your Passion

Even if you aren’t a great athlete you can still earn sponsorship. Yet there are many companies that are looking for ambassadors to help spread their brand. Like sponsorship you can get free stickers or free gear but you don’t have to be amazing at anything. You could just like to explore, or take pictures, or maybe you just like to do a sport for fun. If you convey your worth to a company they are likely to hook you up with some freebies.


Give Value, Then Ask For Free Stickers

It is always a good idea to add value to a company in a helpful way. This means possibly sharing one of their posts with your friends, or commenting on their picture. Therefore, if you can help them out they will be more open to helping you. After you have added some value to the company (the more value the better) try to find and application for sponsorship. If you can’t find an application for sponsorship go to the company directly and tell them you have added value and you will continue to share with your friends if they will send you some free stickers. Maybe, if they agree they will also give you a coupon code  so that you can share it with you friends. As you continue to add value they will continue to hook you up.

Companies that we recommend. Therefore, all you need to do is send in an application for sponsorship. They may hook you up with some free stickers or free gear. Wood Wrist WatchesTree Knife,Wooden Sunglasses.

Order More Free TRYVEG Bumper Stickers

Order More Free TRYVEG Bumper Stickers

Get more FREE TRY VEG  STICKERS!  TryVeg.com is your guide to vegetarian eating. Check out quick and easy recipes including delicious vegetarian breakfast recipes!. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.

Free TRYVEG Bumper Stickers
Free TRYVEG Bumper Stickers

Find More About Free TRYVEG Bumper Stickers

VegWeek was launched by Compassion Over Killing (COK.net) in 2009. Working to end animal abuse since 1995, COK focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

Meal and Snack Ideas

When making the transition to vegetarian eating, take simple steps and be sure to explore new foods and recipes – you just might discover a new favorite meal! Here are some easy ideas to get you started:

Breakfast: cereal with almond or soy milk, oatmeal with cinnamon and maple syrup, a fruit smoothie, tofu scramble, toast with peanut butter, soy yogurt with raisins.

Lunch: a veggie burger, falafel wrap with hummus, a sandwich with veggie meat deli slices, rice and beans, vegetable chili, a salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Dinner: vegetable stir fry over rice, spaghetti with marinara sauce, vegetable stew, BBQ tofu, a black bean burrito, vegetable lasagna with ground veggie beef

Snacks: fresh fruit. mixed nuts, energy bar, green smoothie, baked pita wedges with hummus, chips with salsa, popcorn

Eating on a Budget

Whether you’re a student, raising a family on a low-income budget, or just trying to make ends meet, choosing to buy vegan foods doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Sure, you can splurge on savory mock meats. And dairy-free cheeses that are readily available in grocery stores everywhere, but there are plenty of delicious and nutritious vegan options that don’t require spending a lot of money.

Discover how easy — and affordable — it is to transition to a more compassionate diet!

Here are a few cost-saving tips:

Explore your community’s Community Supported Agriculture programs and farmer’s markets — both can be inexpensive options for finding fresh produce.

The most expensive foods in grocery stores are often displaying at eye-level. Look at the top and bottom shelves for better bargains.

The more meals you can prepare at home, the better. Fast food is not cheap — and it comes at a higher cost to your health. While it might be challenging to cook meals during the work week, preparing items ahead of time on a weekend for the week may help significantly.

Buy bulk pasta, rice, dehydrated meals, spices, and beans. These items are usually cheaper than buying them pre-packaged, and you can get as little or as much as you need.

Need a jumpstart in the kitchen? Check out  free easy vegan recipes (also available in Spanish)!

Free TRYVEG Bumper Stickers!

Bumper Sticker Kit Order Form. … Help spread a message of compassion with a popular bumper sticker kit by Compassion Over Killing! … To order your free bumper stickers — you’ll automatically get one of each — just fill out the form below.

fill form
fill form


Get more FREE FROST WIRE STICKERS!  FrostWire, a BitTorrent client (formerly a Gnutella client), is a collaborative effort from hundreds of Open Source and freelance developers from around the world. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.



FrostWire, a BitTorrent client (formerly a Gnutella client), is a collaborative effort from hundreds of Open Source. And freelance developers from around the world. In late 2005, concerned developers of LimeWire’s open source community announced the start of a new project fork “FrostWire” that would protect the developmental source code of the LimeWire client. The developers of FrostWire give high regard and respect to the GNU General Public License. And consider it to be the ideal foundation of a creative and free enterprise market. FrostWire has evolved to replace LimeWire’s BitTorrent core for that of Vuze, the Azureus BitTorrent Engine. And ultimately to remove the LimeWire’s Gnutella core to become a 100% BitTorrent client that is simple to use.

Open Source!

Moreover, FrostWire allows any individual to share his/her content to millions of people right from his/her computer without any cost thanks to the BitTorrent P2P network.

FrostWire helps to level the playfield of content distribution for content creators, Musicians, Film Makers, Writers, Software Developers, Game Developers. And all kinds of content creators that can put their work into bytes can benefit from FrostWire to distribute their work for free to millions of people without having to pay for centralized hosting bandwidth.

Furthermore, learn more about the many content creators who have already used FrostWire to distribute their content under Creative Commons licenses to people all over the world using FrostWire and FrostClick.com

Torrent Search Engine!

In Addition, every copy of FrostWire is a self-contained smart search engine that crawls not only the BitTorrent network. Being able to find the rarest of files indexed by .torrent search engines, but also YouTube, SoundCloud and Archive.org, providing users with the widest content selection possible. Users can preview files from cloud sources. And play the files downloaded from the BitTorrent network often way before the transfers are complete. Moreover, the software now comes with a powerful Media Library that allows you to organize and find downloaded files on your computer, aggregates Internet radio stations and supports audio & video playback in the most popular audio formats today.


In order to be the best and the easiest Free Open Source BitTorrent filesharing client that proves the many legitimate uses of filesharing technologies by supporting all the content creators willing to distribute their works for free under Creative Commons (or similar licensing models) to the BitTorrent network.


Get 6 FREE FrostWire Stickers – Add to cart and checkout! Your order will include three (3) standard FrostWire Logo stickers (2,5 inch in diameter). And three (3) mini FrostWire stickers (1,5 inch in diameter). Shipping is FREE! *This offer is available again!

In addition, Tag your mobile device as FrostWire friendly with the new, perfectly sized mini FrostWire stickers. And spread the word outdoors with the larger FrostWire logo!

They don’t scratch, don’t fade for years in full sunlight and peel of cleanly from most surfaces.

Gather More Free Drone Parks Stickers

Gather More Free Drone Parks Stickers

Get more FREE DRONE PARKS STICKERS!  Drone Parks Worldwide drone racing and rental provides a safe, legal environment for drones to be flown, rented, or raced. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.

Free Drone Parks Stickers
Free Drone Parks Stickers

Learn More About Free Drone Parks Stickers!

Every company has a logo so what’s different about DRONE?

The answers comes in art. They have designed the logo to represent not only their company, but the drone community as well.

The color green represents the energy of the drone community in addition to the energy of young team, and drone technology.

The shape is a 3D modeled infiniti sign. This alludes to the spinning of a drone’s rotor and represents the infinite possibilities of drone technology within DRONE parks.

Why does DPW care about art?

At Drone Parks Worldwide they believe that art serves an important part of culture and society. Inspired by the Deputy Director of NASA, Dr. Dava Newmann, they believe that STEM should really be called STEAMD: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Design. Artists and Designers tell stories; without them there would be no one to recollect the happenings of the drone community!


(Founder and Chief Excutive Officer)


“I can confirm that Nick was one of the best to execute this role [Senior Patrol Leader]. He lead by example, earned respect with each action he took, and did so in a cheerful manner”

-Nick’s former Scout Master​

Nick brings the vision, creativity, and big picture direction to the Drone Parks team. As a natural leader, he is both inquisitive and tenacious when it comes to pursuing opportunities for innovation.

“When I see something that’s not working, I’m willing to ask why. Why hasn’t anyone changed or challenged it?” Nick says.

The son of a geophysicist and chemist, Nick grew up with parents who appreciated science and fast cars. The rush of watching Formula One races enthralled him as a child, and by 12 years old he was flying Cessna airplanes. For Nick, the risks and responsibilities of jumping into the pilot seat energized him. He thrived when given the freedom to lead, explore, and fly. Soon, Nick took his leadership skills for a test drive on land in Boy Scouts, where he was elected the Senior Patrol Leader of one of the largest troops in Texas.

When it came time to choose a career path, Nick landed at a law firm. He bought his first drone while interning there–a purchase that would change the trajectory of his future. Once Nick saw the path to building Drone Parks Worldwide, it was the only path.

“College can wait, this idea can’t,” says Nick.


Co Founder and Chief Operations Officer


“Ms. Ferrone embodies what every Midshipmen at the Naval Academy should be”

-Marjorie’s former company commander at the United States Naval Academy

Marjorie is the diplomatic director of Drone Parks Worldwide. She’s operationally minded with a strong attention to detail–translating every part of their vision into actionable steps.

“You must fully believe in the dream and have both feet on the ground in reality,” Marjorie says.

Growing up as an athlete, Marjorie’s demand for perfection and unwillingness to settle took her to the national level in rowing and swimming. Her years spent competing taught her the value of practice, discipline, and getting back up in the face of defeat.

Marjorie’s fascination with drones began while studying at the United States Naval Academy. She learned about drones used in warfare and wondered, how can drones be used for public good? At the University of Pennsylvania, Marjorie worked on a project in Montana that employed drones to look for dinosaur bones.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude, and soon after crossed paths with Nick. As soon as she heard his idea for Drone Parks Worldwide, she was ready to make it happen.

“In four years, someone is going to running this. We want it to be us,” Marjorie says.

Free Drone Parks Stickers!




Find the hottest FREE stickers, Free bumper stickers and so much more… … Get a Free Drone Parks Stickers! Fill out the form to request a FREE Drone Parks sticker

Drone Parks Online form
Drone Parks Online form


Get more FREE PUCK HCKY STIICKERS!  Hockey apparel designs with your favorite players, bands, and hockey personalities, so it’s insanely awesome. T-Shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies, Hats, & more!.  If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.


Learn More About Free PUCK HCKY Stickers

Imagine that, as a fan, you could feel a closer bond with the athletes, musicians, artists, and other cool brands that you follow, all while participating in a huge celebration of hockey. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine what that would be like.

Moreover, they are a boutique brand. None of their apparel is mass produced; in fact, they don’t aspire to be the next Reebok or CCM. Puck Hcky wants to ensure that you are getting a truly special and unique product that has been personally approved by the athletes, musicians, and artists themselves. They love adding little “extras” like custom labeling, one-of-a-kind zipper pulls, cool stickers, etc.


Michigan-based lifestyle hockey apparel brand Puck Hcky, known for its edgy, stylish and often rock and metal inspired collaborations with hard-hitting NHL stars like Marian Hossa, Freddie Andersen, Tomas Tatar, Hampus Lindholm, and more, has launched a new line firmly straddling the fence between fire and ice.


The aptly named Thrashers And Slashers line incorporates lifestyle hockey and sports elements with bold rock and roll attitude into an apparel line so metal you could forge skates out of it. It includes individual lines with MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, world-renowned shredder (and former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist) Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, industry and radio personality and EMP Label Group co-honcho Thom Hazaert (including some L.A.-centric designs for Dash Radio outlet Los Anarchy Radio, which broadcasts Hazaert’s syndicated show “AM/PM With Thom Hazaert”), and Alaskan metal sensation 36 CRAZYFISTS. The Slashers lineup is rounded out by a goalie-inspired line with horror icon Ari Lehman, better known as the original Jason Voorhees from the classic slasher franchise “Friday The 13th”, also a musical virtuoso, who now fronts the aptly named horror-metal band FIRST JASON.


Says Ellefson: “Being a huge hockey fan, from the beginning, this was such a great fit. Puck Hcky sent me some stuff to check out, and I was blown away from the start.

“I’m always trying to find exciting new ways to expand my brand outside of music. And Puck just did it right. The designs are amazing, the quality is exceptional, and the reaction from my fans has been wonderful.”


Furthermore, Says Hazaert, who spearheaded the line with Puck Hcky CEO Matt Marini, says: “I saw the amazing stuff Matt was doing with 36 CRAZYFISTS, and their amazing NHL stuff, and reached out. The ideas poured out and, literally, within a few days, I connected the dots with a few friends and Slashers And Thrashers was born.

“If you’re a fan of hockey, metal, and horror (or any of the above, really), this line is for you. The Puck team is amazing, and I am consistently blown away with everything they do. And the response so far has been amazing. There’s nothing cooler than being out at a show and someone is wearing your Puck gear, and you just go.. wow.. that’s fricking awesome.”


How do I get free stickers?

Looking for FREE PUCK HCKY STIICKERS.To get free stickers by mail simply send a self addressed, stamped envelope (address a blank envelope to yourself, put a stamp on it, and put it in another envelope which you mail to them) to:


Free Stickers

30301 Northwestern Highway. Suite 200.

Farmington Hills, MI 48334.USA

Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your free stickers back in the mail.



Get more FREE TRIPADVISOR  STICKERS!  TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site — helping travellers unleash the full potential of every trip with the latest reviews and the lowest hotel prices.. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.


Find More Information About Free TripAdvisor Stickers

TripAdvisor, Inc. is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums.

TripAdvisor was an early adopter of user-generated content. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content. And the website is supported by an advertising business model.


Furthermore, TripAdvisor, headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts. Claims to be the largest travel site in the world, with more than 315 million members and over 465 million reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses. TripAdvisor Media Group operates 25 travel brands including TripAdvisor, Airfarewatchdog, BookingBuddy, Citymaps, Cruise Critic,Family Vacation Critic and so forth.


In February 2000, TripAdvisor was founded by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, and several others. Kaufer says the original idea wasn’t a user generating social media site to swap reviews. Rather, “Started as a site where we were focused more on those official words from guidebooks or newspapers or magazines. Also had a button in the very beginning that said, “Visitors add your own review”, and boy, did that just take off. Pretty soon the number of average consumer reviews far surpassed the number of ‘professional reviews’. That is when the site really turned into this collection of what the normal traveler was saying wherever they were going.” Original financing was obtained from Flagship Ventures, the Bollard Group, and private investors.


Scaling Traffic via SEO

In addition, with the rapid growth of user reviews, a number of complementary effects took over. Unsurprisingly, TripAdvisor relies heavily on Google to bring in traffic. And thanks to its remarkable SEO [search engine optimization] strategy. TripAdvisor manages to show up – front and center – on just about every travel-related search. This is no coincidence. The team at TripAdvisor has made a number of highly effective choices that have helped the destination site retain its top position in the industry.

TripAdvisor’s SEO

First, TripAdvisor’s dedication to SEO has created a virtuous cycle in which its advantageous search rank. And helps the company to achieve higher share-of-mind for potential and repeat users. Then, as new users welcomed into TripAdvisor’s vibrant community, they often feel obligated to give back to the community that has helped them plan such a wonderful trip in the first place. With more high quality and fresh content that appeals to the algorithms of major search engines, TripAdvisor will continue to cement its placement at the top of travel searches, thereby capturing more content-generating traffic.


In addition, TripAdvisor offers a number of tools for hotels to promote reviews directly on their websites, with each of those widgets and badges essentially serving as an inbound link to TripAdvisor, consequently boosting the page’s ranking on a search. In return, hotels, especially those reviewed favorably by TripAdvisor users, receive some of the most credible advertising money can buy. As the community expands and brand recognition for TripAdvisor overshadows that for individual hotels, hoteliers find that a TripAdvisor stamp of approval becomes almost a prerequisite for many travelers.

Ultimately, what’s particularly impressive is that despite characteristics of the fragmented online travel industry that are averse to winner-take-all dynamics. TripAdvisor has skewed many aspects of the industry to its favor. By snatching up competitor after competitor and absorbing their users, by creating a vibrant community as well as a truly differentiated product that’s difficult to imitate, TripAdvisor has closed the door behind itself to future competitors. In the end, TripAdvisor’s story is one of rapid pivots and of virtuous cycles, of luck. And of thoughtful planning, an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.


Moreover, Get a free TripAdvisor sticker for your front door, window or high-traffic area of your hotel, restaurant or attraction today by using stickers.



Get more FREE WEATHER UNDERGROUND STICKERS! Weather Sticker from Weather Underground allows users to choose from a variety of weather stickers and to display the local weather information on their area. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.



Weather Underground is a commercial weather service providing real-time weather information via the Internet. Weather Underground provides weather reports for most major cities across the world on its website, as well as local weather reports for newspapers and websites. Most of its United States information comes from the National Weather Service (NWS), as federal law specifies that information from that agency falls within the public domain. The website is available in many languages, and customers can access an ad-free version of the site with additional features for an annual fee. Weather Underground owned by The Weather Company, a subsidiary of IBM.


Moreover, Weather Underground (WU) is based in San Francisco, California and was founded in 1995 as an offshoot of the University of Michigan’s Internet weather database. The name is a reference to the 1960s militant radical student group the Weather Underground, which also originated at the University of Michigan.

Build your own Weather Sticker for your website!

Furthermore, Jeff Masters, a doctoral candidate in meteorology at the University of Michigan working under the direction of Professor Perry Samson, wrote a menu-based Telnet interface in 1991 that displayed real-time weather information around the world. In 1993, they recruited Alan Steremberg and initiated a project to bring Internet weather into K-12 classrooms. WU’s president Alan Steremberg wrote “Blue Skies” for the project, a graphical Mac gopher client, which won several awards. When the Mosaic Web browser appeared, this provided a natural transition from “Blue Skies” to the Web.


Weather Underground also uses observations from members with automated personal weather stations (PWS). Weather Underground currently uses observations from over 200,000 personal weather stations worldwide.

The Weather Underground’s WunderMap overlays weather data from personal weather stations. And official NWS stations on a Google Map base and provides many interactive and dynamically update weather and environmental layers.

The service previously distributed Internet radio feeds of NOAA Weather Radio stations from across the country, as provided by users. The Associated Press uses Weather Underground to provide national weather summaries.


In addition to, Weather Underground has several Google Chrome extensions. And applications for iPhone, iPad and Android including FullScreenWeather.com, a redirect to a full screen weather viewer tied into Google maps. There is also an app developed for Roku devices.

In February 2015, Weather Underground released an iOS app called Storm. This app is universal, and can be used on both iPhone and iPad. Other apps by Weather Underground include WunderStation for iPad and WunderMap for iOS and Android.


Get More Free LIQUID MILITIA Stickers

Get More Free LIQUID MILITIA Stickers

Get more FREE LIQUID MILITIA STICKERS! Liquid Militia is a fast moving, creative and unique clothing company fully devoted to the lifestyle you want to live. Their clothing delivers that message boldly, their view themselves as partners with their fans & supporters. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.



Liquid Militia is a fast moving, creative and unique clothing company fully devoted to the lifestyle you want to live. Their clothing delivers that message boldly, their view themselves as partners with their fans & supporters. They heritage begins with owners; they all are water driven individuals who represent the Liquid Militia lifestyle. Liquid Militia is what you want it to be. Liquid Militia can stand for many different things, and each individual person depicts them differently, that’s what sets them apart from other brands. LM is a globally recognized brand. They goal is continual growth, quality products, printed & designed in the USA by them, designs that are true to brand they don’t use any clip art.

They motto is ‘Get Wet Or Go Home’


The motto is ‘Get Wet Or Go Home’

Designed, created and loving what we all do here at Liquid Militia Clothing.



The Pismo Freeride is one of my favorite gatherings to attend for many reasons. What makes this meeting spot for everyone great, is that it doesn’t matter what toys you bring to the beach or whether or not you have a ski to ride. All you need to bring is yourself, your love for the freeride community, and some stoke to go along with the great vibes at the beach. Kelsey has been lucky to be able attend this gig more then a few times, with or without skis. She has been noticed that it’s the people she meets from all over, that are there for the same purpose that keeps her wanting to come.

Kelsea’s Fish Bounty
Kelsea’s Fish Bounty


This year, superjet was not yet ready and Kelsey works a near 30 hour shift before the 6 hour drive. She saw the small surf and ski was not yet ready to ride. Blurry eyed from many sleepless days working, Kelsey packs her dive gear, her spearguns, and made way for the coast. She got there at dawn to find most people still asleep on the beach.

Kelsey sees the conditions up there and decided to make the best of it by spending the morning free diving a few miles north of Pismo, on some reefs that normally have poor visibility unless the surf is super small. She launched kayak and paddled a good 30 minutes to the spot she wants to try. She was not disappointed with the fish volume and diversity! Kelsea was free diving, so no SCUBA tanks. The water was in the mid 50’s degrees in temperature, and the visibility was 20 feet!

Kelsey spears a number of reef fish to share with free ride family, including a huge ling cod and an assortment of rock fishes and perches. She returns to the beach and rode with friends until sundown. She got to do two of her favorite things all in the same day; spearfish and ride skis in the surf! Life is great!

Kelsey Riding-2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride
Kelsey Riding-2017 Spring Break Pismo Freeride

The best part of spear fishing, is sharing Kelsey catch with friends and making new friends by sharing the stoke that her sport of free diving spear fishing gives to her life. Kelsey loves showing kids the different kinds of fish and teaching others about her sport. So many people in the free ride community have helped her to learn about skis, wrenching on them, and welcoming her into the sport, so killing fish to share is a huge outlet for her to give back to that welcoming atmosphere and contribute to the free ride family.

Huge thanks to all of her sponsors and supporters for helping keep her fresh with great threads and gear in both of her sports of spear fishing and riding skis, including Liquid Militia Clothing, Bomber eyewear, jetpilot, hydroturf, Crist Spears, and Red Tide Spearfishing.



Send a (SASE) Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with the following contact info:

1. Your first and last name

2. Your mailing address

3. Don’t forget to place a stamp on the enclosed envelope.

Mail To:

Liquid Militia
1426 S. Ritchey Street., Suite. A
Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Any further questions click here

Find More Free AFTCO Stickers

Find More Free AFTCO Stickers

Get more FREE AFTCO STICKERS! Since 1958. Manufacturer or precision-built offshore fishing tackle & performance fishing clothing. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.


Learn More About Free AFTCO Stickers!

AFTCO is also the manufacturer of the Guy Harvey line of shirts & apparel. With equal parts passion for deep sea fishing and concern for our ocean resources, the AFTCO and Guy Harvey clothing lines donate more than $450,000 each year to ocean conservation and fishing issues.


Purpose Built saltwater fishing tackle, and outdoor clothing since 1958. AFTCO’s core line of saltwater fishing tackle including their world renown roller guides and AFTCO rod butts are still manufactured and hand crafted in southern California based machine shop. While sold and worn all across the globe, AFTCO’s clothing is purpose built to handle the harshest saltwater elements. Meant to explore you explore the water’s edge, AFTCO has long stood for dependability. Additionally, every year since 1973 your purchase has supported fishing conservation through AFTCO’s 10% pledge.

Company Over View!

The American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) was established in 1958 by big game tackle pioneer J.C. Axelson. Within the confines of his Newport Beach, California basement, J.C. Axelson engineered and manufactured the finest roller guides. The creation of the AFTCO Roller Guide advanced big game fishing to new heights and became the standard seen on top offshore boats worldwide.

In 1973, Milt Shedd and wife Peggie purchased AFTCO, bringing a new evolution to the company with a focus on both angler rights and marine conservation. Milt’s passion for the ocean resulted in AFTCO’s tradition of unwavering commitment to help protect marine resources and ensure a sustainable fishery for future generations.

In 1974, son Bill Shedd joined AFTCO and in 1989 he started the AFTCO Fishing Clothing division. Shortly after, AFTCO introduced the M01 Original Fishing Shorts. The M01 became the world’s first fishing shorts built and tested to stand up to the rigors that anglers demanded. The Original Fishing Shorts launched AFTCO’s performance fishing clothing business into what anglers know today as an extensive line of performance sun protection shirts, technical outerwear and functional fishing shorts.


Enter your info below to submit sticker request. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery due to high demand.


Get More Free EQO Optics Stickers

Get More Free EQO Optics Stickers

Get More FREE EQO OPTICS STICKERS! EQO has a really cool mission: make glasses out of recycled skateboards. Show your support with a free EQO optics sticker. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.


Learn About Free EQO Optics Stickers!


Born in 2012 from the visions of Colorado-based skateboarding enthusiasts Jon Winfrey and Ryan Vecchiarelli, EQO is truly a brand unlike no other.

Starting out in humble beginnings, Jon and Ryan initially launched the brand out of their garage, and were able to develop a unique and precise method which allowed them to create sunglasses from Ryan’s collection of old decks.

Furthermore, A successful Kickstarter campaign helped take the pair’s project to the next level; shortly afterwards, EQO were able to begin producing and selling their sunglasses online. The company soon established relationships with similar, like-minded local brands, including BC Surf & Sport, and Humble Coffee in Colorado Springs.


Jon and Ryan’s values for the brand lead them to establishing a skate team, comprising of talented, young skateboards, allowing EQO to continue to support young athletes.

The pair’s passion for the company is still the same today as it was on day one: to take old skateboard decks, usually considered trash, and transform them into one-of-a-kind sunglasses. EQO’s patent-pending system enables the team to produce high quality sunglasses, with each pair being totally unique.


The team offers complete customization options on all sunglasses, including coloring, styles and engraving. All the boards used by EQO are rescued from local skate shops – no boards are used if they’re still ridable – instead they’re always donated to a local skateboarder in need.

Moreover, all frames are produced entirely from recycled decks, and the lenses are fitted with polarized lenses from POLAROID. Spring-Fit Hinges are used to complete each pair.


Each pair or EQO sunglasses is hand-made to order in Colorado, and promises to surpass all expectations.


Free EQO Optics Stickers!


In order to get free stickers:

Visit the company’s website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”

Furthermore, enter your address and other shipping information

Hit “Get It” and wait 1-2 weeks (sometimes longer) for your free sticker!

Obtain More Free Heelys Stickers!

Obtain More Free Heelys Stickers!

Get More FREE HEELYS STICKERS! Heelys is a company founded on innovation and is dedicated to creating products that inspire you to get out and have fun. If you want to get free stickers from another company go here FREE STICKERS.

Free Heelys Stickers
Free Heelys Stickers

Learn More About Free Heelys Stickers!

Heelys, formerly known as Heeling Sports Limited, is a brand of roller shoe (marketed by Heelys, Inc.) that have one or more removable wheels embedded in each sole, similar to inline skates, allowing the wearer to walk, run, or, by shifting their weight to their heels, roll. Braking can be achieved by lowering the back of the foot so that sole contacts the ground.Roger Adams patented Heelys in 1999.The headquarters are located in Carrollton, Texas.


Hx2 – Now learning to skate with Heelys is easier than ever! The new HX2 comes with 2 removable wheels in each shoe to get you up and rolling in no time.


Heelys – Heelys is the only shoe with a stealth removable wheel in the heel that lets you walk, run or roll whenever you feel like it.

Nano – Nano is a first-of-its-kind Inline Foot Board that works with Heelys to allow you to skate farther, faster and longer than ever before.


In 1999, Roger Adams came up with the idea of putting a wheel in the sole of a shoe. He rode his first pair of roller skates at 9 months old. And the love of the sport stuck with him. When he lived in Huntington Beach years later and watched kids zoom around on their skateboards and rollerblades, he realized there must be something new. He cut open a pair of sneakers, inserted a skateboard wheel, and Heelys were born! Today, Heelys are patenting products that feature a removable wheel located in the heel, transforming the shoes into stealth skates. And giving users the freedom to seamlessly transition from walking or running to skating by shifting their weight to their heel. When the wheels are easily removed, the shoe performs just like any other shoe.


The Heelys vision is to inspire kids to be active, explore their freedom, unleash the fun and be fearless. For kids, Heelys aren’t just shoes. Heelys are an attitude, a way to express themselves, push their own boundaries and experience their world around them in a truly unique way. Heelys encourages kids and people of all ages to explore their world. And lead active and healthy lifestyles through the benefit of movement; whether it’s through walking, running, or skating. With Heelys, it’s your choice. Heelys dares its wearers to be themselves and encourages them to make their own place in the world!

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